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Reclaim Politics

For The People

The last generation of Republicans and Democrats has largely failed us. 

We need to cancel career politicians, embrace our American 

heritage and reclaim politics of the people, by the people,

and for the people.

Presidential Shoutout!


"We need to fight

two huge threats:
elitist sellouts and

the rise of socialism." 

I am not a career politician or an establishment, Washington insider.

I believe that we need to reset a tone of individual civility in politics. Group identities make it easy to hate and disregard other humans. As a person of mixed Hispanic, European, and African heritage, I am able to speak to modern social issues from a place of insight and credibility.

I am not simply trying to connect with citizens as politicians frequently do. Rather, I am one of the ordinary citizens who simply decided to move into the political sphere. As a former congressional nominee and founder of AMASA PAC, I believe in staying active and fighting to preserve our liberty!


What We Can Achieve Together


Most elected officials allow job security, wealth, and fame to taint their decision making. I stand directly opposed to such ideals and support term limits for all House and Senate members.


Abortion - particularly late term and post-birth killings - is a damning mark on American history which was initiated as a racist and corrupt policy. I will actively support and fight for anti-murder laws to extend to our infants, in and out of the womb


Education is a major foundation of our future, and it should be highly competitive as a consumer field. Competition drives excellence and innovation, which in turn offers children the best chance at a successful and influential future.


We need to stop school shootings.

We need to stop mentally ill people

from accessing firearms. We need to stop illegal guns from being sold

on the black market.

We need to punish criminals and empower law abiding citizens.


We must treat the topic of illegal immigration with a  steadfast dedication to justice and an unwavering value for all human life. We must recognize the difference between illegal immigrants, legal refugees, and migrants. The former group seeks to abuse our system, while the latter two are what America was built upon.


Progressive tax rates discourage business growth and encourage mediocrity in our economy. The only fair tax is a flat tax, not a progressive tax. 


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